"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change" Charles Darwin 

The Darwinian Mindset

Speed of Thought & Speed of Action

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Ever Wondered Why Successful Change is So Elusive

As business-as-usual models fail in the face of adaptive threats, change is inevitable. At this point the speed of thought and speed of action will determine success or failure. Only the most adaptive will succeed and evolve.

The Darwinian Mindset opens our consciousness about what drives performance, what hinders it and how to improve it. Once you know, there is no going back.

The sequel in the series will consist of case studies of organisations undergoing change. If you would like to participate please get in touch.

Coming Summer 2023 

About the Book

The Darwinian Mindset is a responsive mindset with an Esprit de Corp on steroids, emphasising speed of thought and action. The authors have developed the approach over 30 years of dealing with business owners, investors and senior management that want change. The books shows how an organisation can become adaptive and thrive even when the business-as-usual approach has failed.

What determines the adaptiveness of an organisation is what people do, how they do it, and the mindset practised in the workplace. Organisations are social enterprises with complex human interactions, and dealing with adaptive threats requires change. These social systems and psychological mindset can  resist change via organisational structures, norms and decision-making processes. These norms obfuscate poor performance and impede change and can never support an Esprit de Corp on steroids.

This practical book gives the reader the tools to get to the heart of the problem quickly. It uses a case study company with a management team grappling with an adaptive threat to illustrate the importance of the mindset of the key players in the organisation and their adaptive skills. 

Applying The Darwinian Mindset

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Darwinian Mindset In the Real World
"How to Know What's Really Going On"

The book also applies the Darwinian Mindset to the big issues of the day, like climate change and improving public services.
By bringing clarity of the problems possible solutions become much clearer.

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Investors & Business Owners
"How to Know if the Management Team has What it Takes"?

Knowing if the management team in place has the adaptive capabilities to take the company forward is a fundamental analysis for any investor or fund.

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"How to Make Your Mind up To Stay or Leave"

The majority of employees are unhappy at work according to many surveys. A worrying situation for any senior manager.  Understanding the cause and why, will help answer the critical question for any employee if they should stay or go. It will also help bring visibility of the issues for management to take urgent action.

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Infrastructure & Digital Transformations 
"How to Know if the Project Can Be Delivered as Expected"

 The book describes how organisations should  develop their major project teams adaptive capabilities and work environment to deliver the projects.

About The Author

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Dr Raul Chamorro  

Raul Chamorro has had a senior management and consulting career. His experience includes being the Group CEO of a major international company, senior partner of a management consultancy advising major blue chip companies and cofounder of a highly innovative hi-tech company based in Madrid. His prior work on technology transformations highlighted human behaviour as the limiting factor for a successful outcome. From there, he developed and fine-tuned his approach using the science of neuroeconomics and psychology. The author has been advising business owners and investors for over 30 years.

Raul has been visiting lecturer at London Business School and Madrid Business School. He has also lectured on the "Organisation for the 21st Century" in high-profile forums. The author has an MSc from Imperial College, an MBA from London Business School and a Doctorate for Cambridge University.

If you would like to participate get in touch

The next book is a series of case studies of companies that are changing to meet an adaptive threat and would like to share their experiences. If you would like to participate get in touch using the following contact form below.

A  case study is often an excellent way  to kick start a change process. 


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